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There is a dream behind every brand which deserves to reach out to the world

Having trouble managing your online presence as a small business owner? Mariposa Webmarketing is a proven expert in digital marketing, and can help your business grow online. We develop your digital marketing strategy from scratch or manage monthly tasks at a fixed rate. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. While you focus on more critical things, we handle your online marketing tasks, ensuring a professional online presence for your brand.

Why online marketing is critical to your brand

Showcase your brand

Being online gives you the possibility to showcase your brand. Sharing knowledge and expertise will position you as a leader in your field.

Get visibilty

By addressing your target audience with specific and relevant content you will get visibility. Reach out your message to the world.

Generate new leads

Having a digital presence will help you to attract and cast a much wider audience. Generate leads and transform them into clients.

The truth is, it’s not that complicated – if you have a plan. Our experience has led us to create a completely free checklist to assist small businesses to establish their online presence and get started! 

"Online Marketing is more than just posting a photo on Facebook every now and then"
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Online Marketing

Whether you want to start a new business or expand an existing one, we help you to achieve your goals and develop the basis for your digital future

At a fixed monthly rate, we offer best practices packages covering the most important digital activities for small businesses.

Our team will create an individual strategy for your business that will grow your brand long term. As a digital roadmap, the concept serves as a guide for all your online activities.

Social Media

Would you like to interact with your customers on social media and provide them with relevant content? We help you to create a concept for your business. No time to take care of it yourself? No problem, we can take-over this service for you.

Social Media Strategy

There are many social media channels. It’s overwhelming, to say the least. We help you to identify the right channels  and define a strategy for your brand.

Full take-over

We create and plan your posts and take over the complete channel management. Check our Social Media packages at a monthly fix rate.

A website is an opportunity to make a good first impression and show people what your brand stands for. It shows professionalism and is the perfect way to showcase your brand to prospective customers. Once the page is live, we can take-over updates, promote your brand with SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and analyze your monthly traffic in order to optimize your online activities further

Website Creation

We create standard WordPress websites for small business that look good on all devices, fit your business and reflect your values. We create all content SEO conform in order to ensure top organic rankings of your keywords. 

Online Marketing Packages

Updates, analysis, optimization. With our monthly online marketing packages your online presence is always up to date. We offer monthly digital marketing services according to your needs.

Online Marketing experts

Mariposa Digital Marketing Testimonials

Mariposa set up a digital marketing concept for my existing business. The team immediately recognized my needs. The online marketing concept they developed was perfectly suited to our situation. Mariposa Web Marketing is backed by experts who have helped me grow my business.

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