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Boost your business with Digital Marketing

Are you looking for ways to offer and promote your products and services online? Digital Marketing is a simple and targeted way to communicate your products and services online and there are numerous activities available for companies with small to medium budgets. 

Mariposa Web Marketing is a confirmed expert in the field of digital marketing. There is a dream behind every brand that deserves to be shared with the world. Our goal is to help small businesses have a strong online presence that grows their business. By developing an individual digital marketing strategy tailored to your situation, we can help you start from scratch. Alternatively, maybe you’d like to focus on other projects and need someone to take care of your online marketing? In either case, Mariposa would be happy to work with you and help your brand emerge.


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Online Marketing Strategy

Online activities should be based on solid marketing concepts and strategies. However, most companies already have websites without paying too much attention to the brand story or target audience. Getting the business online is the main objective.

We at Mariposa Web Marketing are experts in the field of digital marketing. Our goal is to help you find the most effective solution that makes your business grow on a long-term basis. Your marketing budget and time shouldn’t be wasted any longer. Instead, allocate them to ways that you can reach potential customers.

As a result, you will receive a detailed and individual concept that will help you shape your digital future.


Monthly Online Marketing Packages

Having a strong online marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Social media profiles and a website are probably already part of your brand’s online presence. But you lack the time or knowledge to effectively manage the channels. Here’s where Mariposa comes in.

Using our experience, we put together different service packages to support your brand. Find out more about our packages or contact us to create a package that meets your needs.

Every package comes with a monthly offer of services for activities that occur in most businesses. To name a few, we maintain the website, publish news and manage social media. Put your focus on the essentials and let us deal with the rest.

Social Media Strategy & Take-over

Social media has become the ultimate medium in recent years. There are a lot of platforms, formats and countless updates. However, it is not about sharing irrelevant content. Instead, it is about establishing a strategy that will allow you to provide your followers with relevant content that will convert them into customers.

But where to start? As part of our work with you, we will first define a strategy for each channel. Defining a clear and measurable goal will guide the selection of formats and content pillars. Our goal at Mariposa Web Marketing is to help you develop a concept for your business that will take you further in social media in the long run. In order to create content that matches your brand and your target audience, we prepare a plan and provide you with all the tools you need.

Web Services
You have a great business idea. Of course, you want to tell the whole world about it. An own website that reflects the company and its style is the basis for a large part of your online presence.
Convince potential customers of your service online. Besides, you have the opportunity to analyze user behavior and draw valuable conclusions. You may discover through website analysis that users are interested in a product that you have actually already written off. Then it’s time to reconsider this decision.
In conclusion, Mariposa Web Marketing helps small and medium sized businesses to create a website that fits your business. Get your story to the right people and emerge your brand online!


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Mariposa handles all our communications. Since we had little idea about digital marketing, we were happy to hand over this task to a professional. Depending on our needs, Mariposa supports us selectively and with professionalism.​

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